Hortelã-Pimenta was born from a necessity and a passion of a young mother, that time with a 3 years old beautiful boy, in 2018.

My name is Joana and this idea of opening an organic shop in Lagos comes a few months after I had my son. I was already a consumer of organic products, not only because of their lower environmental impact but also because our health starts with what we eat, what we put inside our bodies, our machine. This machine we have inside us needs real power to work perfectly, so it needs real food free from chemicals and antibiotics, so my passion starts here when I understood more about the importance of eating clean and organic.

The necessity starts because it was extremely hard to shop everything, I needed in only one place, actually it was impossible, I always had to go to 4 or 5 different places to be able to do my weekly shopping.

So Hortelã-Pimenta finally born, as an answer to this struggle I had. This had to be a place where my clients could find everything they need: dry groceries, veggies and fruits, fresh and frozen products, ecological products to clean the house and finally some natural cosmetics. Slowly, everything was introduced and filled my shelves.

I ́m very proud to be able to represent quality organic international and national brands, but also to be able to work alongside with local artisanal producers, this creates a beautiful circular economy.

Fun fact: The name Hortelã-pimenta was chosen because I didn’t want to have any “bio” or “organic” as a name for the shop, I found this super cliché so I had to find something that was able to stay in people ́s heads, something that people will be curious about. I choose one of my favorite aromatic herbs as a name for the shop. Hortelã-pimenta, that in English means Peppermint.

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