“Welcome to Claudia Mochacho aesthetics and cosmetology center.

My main objective is to take care of your well-being, be it, to be without hair, without wrinkles or without cellulite, harmonizing the body as a whole! I have been working in this area for over 12 years, I opened a franchise based in removal of Hair, in Lagos from an international company that put me on the market.

Now I have Launch my company, with more treatments available and more effective machines with state-of-the-art systems. I also have home care products  that complement the treatments. I’m going to talk a little bit about the machines I have. There are 3 Led Diode Lasers in Portugal, I have one, the best painless hair removal, however, protecting our largest organ, the skin! Speaking of skin, Facials and treatments, the ultrasound machine, which is a modern technology that cleans in depth without harming the skin, can be used for different ages and patologies. DermaOXY, Mesotherapy without needles, product from Denmark, returns 90% of oxygen to the skin, anti-wrinkle  e rejuvenating with high performance, for any skin types and immediate results. Then I have, Photocare is a treatment using LED light, for the face and body, can be used in conjuntion with other treatments, is effective in combating sagging and wrinkles, acne, facial blemishes and cellulite treatments. I also have massages and complementary therapies such as Lymphatic drainage, relaxing, deep massage, hot stones, aromatherapy and many others…. a brief introduction of what you can choose, book your free consultation now, See you soon!”



  • Joana

    10.0 / 10 Ratings

    Claudia is an amazing professional. This is where I make my facial treatments and LED laser Diode . Very good service, equipment and products.

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