At Casa Sakra, we bring together the most effective and personalized methods of diagnosis and treatment. We combine the best of Medicine and Nature for dynamic and integrated health.

What is Integrated Medicine?

It seeks the cause of the disease by considering the patient’s genetic and epigenetic factors, dealing with the symptoms, but not limiting itself to “masking” them.

Dynamic character of the disease – continuous aspects of the development of the pathology and its spatial and temporal context.

It actively involves the patient in their healing process through dialogue and the creation of functional and individual solutions.

For us, the patient has an active role in their healing process, and it is very important to have a dialogue between doctor and patient in order to arrive at the best individual solution.

We focus on safe interventions based on medical literature in a multidisciplinary approach: lifestyle, diet, physical exercise, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical and/or botanical agents.

Especially effective in preventing and treating: Metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain and osteo-skeletal pathologies, digestive and intestinal problems, sleep pathologies, nervous system and stress, hormonal diseases, menstrual disorders, infertility, degenerative diseases of the nervous system, premature aging, and burnout, among others.


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