🇺🇸We value the most creative and lively handicraft, utilitarian and decorative pieces. 100% handmade and Portuguese.
We have a variety of items produced exclusively in Portugal. Based on the values ​​of Portugality and Tradition, at ” a_mar “ we believe that the soul of our articles goes through the details of the fusion between rustic and contemporary, traditional and innovative, simplicity and elegance.
We have our own trademark “Natália’s” of handcrafted accessories made with love to help you add some style to your life.
Handmade accessories allow you to wear unique items. They are truly special. The labour of love that goes into making them, makes them even more one-of-a-kind.


  • Alain Maillard

    10.0 / 10 Ratings

    Finally a craft shop that presents original works, in particular very pretty terracotta fish, with a fun look.

  • Gypset Escapes

    10.0 / 10 Ratings

    In pursuit of goodies 🍭Go to @a_mar_lagos for the cutest ceramics in town.

  • Thomas Rome

    10.0 / 10 Ratings

    Really Nice little shop ! Filled with interesting objects of decorative art from local creators.
    Really charming 🙂

  • Cormac Mealey

    10.0 / 10 Ratings

    Beautiful gift store, great quality and lots handmade in Portugal

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