Join our Events and become a member of Lagos Digital Nomads Community

Events are without a doubt a great way to join our Lagos Digital Nomads Community, once you arrive in Lagos or surrounding areas. From there, anything is possible! At our Events, you will meet and connect with professionals from all over the world, thus expanding your Networking, and, of course, have fun!

What kind of Events do we offer to the Lagos Digital Nomads Community?

With so many Community Events going on every week, there is no reason for you to feel lonely in Lagos. We will welcome you and introduce you to other like-minded people.

Every week, there are several Community Events you can participate in to meet new people and have fun. Community Events vary from Meetups to activities such as:

lagos digital nomads yoga 1


lagos digital nomads pilates


lagos digital nomads surf


lagos digital nomads hiking


lagos digital nomads bootcamp


Many are the reasons for you to join our Lagos Digital Nomads Community during your stay in the region.
Even though Events will vary according to the season, we regularly organize:

lagos digital nomads workshops


lagos digital nomads brunch


lagos digital nomads eventos musica ao vivo

Live Music

lagos digital nomads jantares tematicos

Thematic Dinners

lagos digital nomads fail fail

Our favorite event “Fail, Fail Again & Fail Bigger”

lagos digital nomads speed networking

Speed Networking

When and what happens during the Meetups in our Lagos Digital Nomads Community?

Meetups during the week are a great way to unwind.

They are informal, free to join and happen once a week. When you arrive at the restaurant or bar, we will welcome you and introduce you to other like-minded people. You will then have the chance to connect with people from all over the world, allowing you to expand your Networking.

Why are these Meetups so rich?

Because here everyone shares! Everyone shares knowledge and experiences that will bring an amazing value to you, both personally and professionally. Behind every Meetup and person, you meet, there are always numerous opportunities for you to grow! Are you coming?

How can you join Lagos Digital Nomads Community Events and meet incredible people?

As our Facebook group continues to grow, we strive to offer value to all those who really want to be part of Lagos Digital Nomads Community.

We know that sometimes you miss posts and Community Events announcements from our Facebook group. In order to stay up to date with everything that is happening in Lagos Digital Nomads Community, subscribe to our newsletter.


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Here, we share with you some of the videos of our Community Events

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