Why work in a Coworking space?

Working in a Cowork is much more than sharing a workspace with other people. In a cowork, you take your Productivity to the next level and increase your Networking, in a relaxed, comfortable, and creative environment. Sharing knowledge and experiences with Like-Minded people from all over the world is also inevitable. All in all, a great opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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Are you feeling lonely working from home?

Daily interactions with other people are essential for one’s emotional well-being. They are also important for all those who are trying to strike a better balance between work life and personal life.  

Work close to Lagos Digital Nomads
Community and make new friends

The benefits of working close to Lagos Digital Nomads Community are numerous. Besides having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, with a wide variety of professional backgrounds, it is also a great way to share knowledge and experiences and, who knows, even make new friends.

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Choose your Coworking Space in Lagos

Are you already in Lagos and have not decided where you will be working from? Check out the list of coworking spaces below and book the one that best suits your needs. 

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Anuncie o seu Cowork Aqui!

Anuncie o seu espaço de cowork em Lagos no nosso diretório, e aumente a visibilidade do seu negócio.

O registo é simples e rápido. No anúncio você descreve o seu espaço de cowork, coloca fotografias, morada e o contacto telefónico. Neste portal o nome do seu espaço estará 100% visível e os seus clientes entrarão em contacto diretamente consigo.

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Leia o que dizem sobre os
Espaços de Cowork em Lagos

We also provide consulting services
to create new Coworking spaces

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Remote work gained more prominence and relevance due to covid-19. The present situation is therefore a unique opportunity for the Algarve to invest in the digital nomads and remote worker’s market. Companies all over the globe are moving more and more towards remote work, which gives their employees the possibility of working from anywhere in the world. Remote work has never been as accessible as it is right now to all those who wish to embark on that journey. 

Due to the current context, the way we have been doing tourism is changing, and a new reality is being created. This is a reality where remote work is increasingly becoming part of a different approach to tourism. For the Algarve, this means an incredible growth opportunity for the tourism industry of the region. 

“Lagos Digital Nomads” project also provides consulting services to create new coworking spaces not only in Lagos, but throughout the entire Algarve region. 

Would you like to maximize unused space in your Hotel and convert it into a Cowork space? Lagos Digital Nomads has all the necessary tools to build your project from scratch. From creating a functional and inspiring work space to the advertising aspect of the project, we will take care of the entire process.

For more information email us at info@lagosdigitalnomads.com 

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