Are you a Digital Nomad or Remote Worker? Join our Community in Lagos

Being a Digital Nomad is one of the biggest Lifestyle Trends of recent years. Even though a Digital Nomad’s daily life can be quite fun and exciting, it can also be somewhat lonely, at times.

Are you travelling on your own? Would you like to meet people like you, who are passing through Lagos and surrounding areas? Then, join our Lagos Digital Nomads Community through our Group on Facebook. Come to Lagos and make new friends.

What are some of the perks of belonging to our Community of Digital Nomads and Remote Workers?  

Being part of our Community of Digital Nomads and Remote Workers has many benefits. Take a look at the ones we find more relevant: 

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From the moment you become part of our Digital Nomads Community, connecting with other people is a given. Keep in mind that these are people just like you, traveling around the world who bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share with you. And when we mention experiences, we don’t just mean experiences at a professional level, we are also talking about life experiences, those that really connect people at a deeper level, for life.
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Arriving at a new destination and settling down is not always easy for everyone. It can definitely be a bit of a challenge to find the right accommodation, a coworking space, a good restaurant, places to visit, etc. The thing is, once you join our community, there will always be someone around to support you.
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End Loneliness

When you join our Digital Nomads Community in Lagos, you’ll have no time to feel lonely. There are many different ways to meet new people and socialize. Our weekly Meetups are definitely the entryway to the Community. In addition to Meetups, we recommend that you keep an eye out for other events on our Facebook Group. Staying in a Coliving or working in a Coworking space are also great ways to meet people.
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What do I need to do to become a Digital Nomad?

Every time we ask this question to a Digital Nomad, the answer is invariably: “Just Do It!” If you are looking for a change, if you enjoy traveling and meeting new people with the same motivations and interests as you, and have the flexibility to work remotely, why not become a Digital Nomad? This is the perfect time. Go ahead. Live the dream.

Would you like to learn more about becoming a Digital Nomad? The resources below are a great starting point to prepare for this adventure.

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Lagos Digital Nomads Community Sculptors 2o spot
Lagos Digital Nomads Community Portuguish 3o spot
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Lagos NomaDating: Gostaria de conhecer alguém com quem passar bons momentos ou, quem sabe, encontrar a sua alma gémea? 

Uma das confissões mais frequentes que ouvimos de Nómadas Digitais é que por vezes se torna difícil sair num Date ou ter uma relação mais íntima com outros Nómadas Digitais. Para responder a essa necessidade no seio da nossa comunidade, decidimos criar um canal na nossa App do Mighty Networks. Este canal está disponível apenas para quem estiver interessado nesta facilidade.

Para mais informações, entre no link, Lagos NomaDating. (COLOCAR HIPERLIGAÇÃO).

Remote Work: Are you looking for a new professional challenge?

We are glad to share with you some platforms where you can find remote work offers. Please see the links below.

Remote Europe

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We Work Remotely


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